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Auld Lang Syne

So I just finished writing my New Year’s Eve book which got me thinking - as a lot of my books do at times. The story itself is a sort of light, easy book. But, for me, there has never…

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Vacation In Review

Hey dolls! So, I finally, finally took the vacation I said I was going to take in the spring, but ended up never taking. Squee. It was much, much needed after a grueling writing schedule this summer. And the fact…

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Superwoman Days

Most days, I feel like I am barely getting by. Between work and birds and puppies, there are times when I don’t remember the last time I did laundry or brushed my hair. But there are some days where everything…

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Random Things

As is so often the case, I have no idea what to write about on this blog. So I figured I would compile a bunch of random ideas in one post. Uncomfortable Truths. 1. I am a shameless “unfollower” on…

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