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* This page is a list to links of possible triggers in my books. There are some spoilers, but this often can not be avoided in disclosing this information. *

“Reign” – The heroine in this story is tortured by a known skin trader. This is detailed in the story. She is not, however, raped. In the older version, there was a slight OW drama, but it has since been revised and any new editions bought will be free of that.

“Cash” – Hero is a known manwhore and, yes, it is talked about. He is exclusive to the heroine in the story. Heroine used to be beat by her husband. She also gets beat during the course of the story. A bit of a ‘dark’ read.

“Wolf” – This is an extremely dark read about two very damaged people. Topics include rape, torture, childhood abuse, and spousal abuse. There is no OM/OW but I do not recommend this for anyone with any triggers.

“Repo” – If the concept of sexism really bothers you, this might not be the right title as The Henchmen don’t want Maze in the club on the sole grounds of her being a woman. Otherwise, a relatively tame title. No OM/OW.

“Duke” – Safe. No OM/OW. The h got roughed up at the beginning (not by H). There is a fair amount of club violence here. You DO get an HEA (with a years in the future epilogue, but there are a few plot points left as a cliffhanger.

“Renny” – I can’t think of any triggers here. Renny and Mina both had bad upbringings.

“Lazarus” – Drug use. Withdrawal. Some mild violence (toward bad guys). Suicidal thoughts. No OW/OM.

“Pagan” – Two scenes of violence. One involving the heroine (but not the hero) and one involving the hero (but not the heroine). Pagan makes it no secret that he has slept around in his past, but there is no OM/OW drama.

“Cyrus” – There is talk about Cyrus being a “manwhore” previously.

“Edison” – No OM/OW. Some violence.

“Reeve” – There is no OM/OW. Once they meet, they are exclusive. However, a past relationship of Reeve’s is detailed later in the book.

“Sugar” – No triggers. Just laughs!

“The Fall of V” – Dark themes. Not a romance, so no cheating.

“Adler” – No OM/OW. One potentially disturbing scene from the heroine’s past. Read at your own discretion.

“Roderick” – No OM/OW. One scene of violence. I would consider this a safe read.

​”Monster” – I would consider this title ‘safe’, but there are slight mentions of the hero’s conquests before finding the heroine (after which he is completely exclusive to her). The ‘bad guy’ in this story is a known rapist and he does attempt to rape the heroine but is stopped well before anything really happens.

“Killer” – Hero has a reputation and is a flirt, but is faithful to the heroine from the first meeting. No other triggers I can think of.

“Savior” – I would generally consider this a safe title though both the H & h have sexual histories and are open about that fact.

“367 Days” – I would consider this a “safe” title. No om/ow. No cliffhanger. No triangles. No extreme violence. No abuse.

“14 Weeks” – No real triggers here. Some graphic violence.

Lift You Up – no known triggers. No OM/OW

Lock You Down – trigger warning for sexual assault. No OM/OW

“Dark Mysteries” – The heroine has a past of being beaten and raped by her ex-boyfriend and gets his hands on her again in the story. There is torture, but not rape. The hero is exclusive to her and treats her like gold.

“Dark Secrets” – Pretty safe title. No OM/OW. There is a small amount of violence/ talk about spousal abuse and rape though neither happen to the h.

“Dark Horse” – There is a small amount of violence.

“Shane”​ – This is a relatively safe title. There is a history of abuse toward the heroine, but it isn’t detailed. There is a woman who flirts with the H, but he doesn’t reciprocate. Men hit on the h as well, but again, no reciprocation. Violence in general as this is about a loan shark family.

“Ryan” – The heroine gets beat by some men in this. Heroine also has anxiety and agoraphobia. No real triggers though.

“Mark” – I actually can’t think of a single trigger for this book. Definitely no OM/OW drama. No real violence. I apologize if I missed any, but I genuinely can’t think of anything that might be triggering here.

“Eli” – No OM/OW. Some BDSM elements.

“Into the Green” – Triggers would spoil the story, there are mentions of rape, torture and sexual situations.

“Escape from the Green” – No triggers

“The Sex Surrogate” – this is a ‘safe’ book, however, the heroine often worries that her surrogate, Chase, is seeing other clients while he is seeing her. This is *not* the case, but is an obvious concern for her. ​

​​”Dr. Chase Hudson” – again, a ‘safe’ book. There seems like there might be some OW drama, but it never actually happens.

“What The Heart Needs” – stalking. There seems like there could be possible OW/OM drama, but it doesn’t take place. The hero is going through a divorce when he meets the heroine.

​​”What The Heart Wants” – this is not ‘safe’ as the premise is a love triangle.

​”What The Heart Finds” – I can’t think of any triggers for this book except maybe that the hero is known as the town’s manwhore. Though he is exclusive to the heroine

​”What The Heart Knows” – OW though it is not cheating as he and the heroine were not together anymore at this point. Readers have not like the hero’s behavior toward the heroine at one point in the story.

“The Stars Landing Deviant” – This is not a ‘safe’ title. OW, almost threesome, voyeurism, exhibitionism.

“What the Heart Learns” – No triggers

“For A Good Time, Call…” – The heroine in this story was abused as a child (not molested). Other possible triggers = cutting, alcoholism, religious fanaticism.

“Dissent” – Religious fanaticism, OW, stalking, attempted rape (not by the hero). I would say if you are a member of the ‘safety gang’ that you should avoid this title. The hero makes many mistakes on his way to learning how to love and often makes him a dislik-able character.

“Debt” – I don’t recommend this title if you have triggers. OW after the H/h meet, but before they get together. This is an “asshole who redeems himself” plot and the hero IS an asshole to the heroine for a good chunk of this book. Some of his actions may be considered criminal or degrading. Also, gambling addiction/enabling. Slight BDSM elements.

“Stuffed” – The cousin tries to create OW drama but fails.

“Unwrapped” – There is a time jump.

“Peace Love & Macarons” – This title is considered “safe.”

“Vigilante” – This book has no OM/OW. There is one scene where the heroine gets a little roughed up. Also, while the heroine does not get assaulted, the topic of rape is *VERY* prevalent in this book. Read at your own discretion.

“Grudge match” – No OM/OW. Some violence.

“Don’t Come” – No OM/OW. Some scenes at the club not involving H/h. While there is talk about the H’s past before h, he is 100% faithful once they meet.

“Fix it Up: – This title is considered “safe.”

“faire l’amour” – This book takes place in the porn industry with the main male character being a retired porn star, the heroine – in desperate need of cash, signs up to star as well. BUT there is absolutely no OM/OW. As soon as they meet, neither main character has sex with anyone else. There are scenes where this main couple witnesses other sex scenes being filmed. However, no one witnesses the main characters having sex. They do not use condoms, but this is after paperwork is traded proving both are clean. The heroine is *not* selling her virginity (is not a virgin). I can’t think of anything else. If you are okay with the hero’s former job, this is actually a pretty safe title.

“The Fixer” – Some violence.

“The Ghost” – None.

“The Messenger” – This seems like an OM story, but it is not. There is some violence. There are flashbacks where Kai is jealous that Jules was with another man, but in the timeline of the actual love story, no one comes between them.

“The General” – No OM/OW. Scenes of previous spousal abuse suffered by the heroine. The content can be graphic and triggering. This is a journey of healing from said abuse.

“The Babysitter” – No OM/OW. The heroine had been beaten & raped when the hero found her. She is struggling emotionally. There is a scene of attempted suicide. The hero also tortures and murders someone.

“The Woman in the Scope” – No OM/OW. Heroine endures parental abuse as well as one scene of attempted sexual assault. This book has explicit violent scenes or torture and murder.

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