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Tea Talk


Eventually, I would like to convert the idea of “tea talks” into videos either on Facebook or Youtube or something (so imagine me sitting here sipping my tea). But until the day I decide I’m not a complete choke-on-my-own-spit derp, we are going to have these in text format lol

And I would love it if you guys would suggest some ideas for topics you would like me to talk about. Either about my books, books in general, life, whatever you would like to know more about or my opinion on. Because, inevitably, I sit down to write a blog post, and my mind wipes blank of anything even remotely interesting lol.

Today I figured I would do two parts – a general guide to how the first half of this year is going to go work-wise, and then just some fun little life stuff.


So as you guys know – if you’re not living under a rock and your wifi is strong enough – I have been working on a standalone called “Faire l’amour.” Don’t worry, the French will make sense when you read it! lol. It is a super (I mean crazy) steamy book much like Don’t Come was – minus the whips and chains and handcuffs (can ANYONE hear that phrase and NOT hear it come out in Ludacris’ voice?!??!). It is taking forever not because I’m struggling to write but because my Family Curse has fallen upon me. Inevitably, around the time the women of my family turn 30, they start getting crippling migraines. Not just here and there. But almost daily for weeks at a time. Hence calling it a family curse. As far as I know, none of us has escaped the fate. And anyone who struggles with migraines know it is hard to exist let alone stare at a screen and try to be creative. So it’s been a bit of a struggle. But I am LOVING this couple, this premise that is a lot more risqué than many of my other books. And I am so excited to get it in your hands.

Now, after “Faire l’amour,” I am finally, FINALLY getting to those elusive Rivers Brothers. We will start with Kingston and Savea because, duh, we need to know what they named the dog. I mean, come on! lol. This series is, as a whole, going to be a bit action-lite. The boys have retired from their life of robbing big box stores and have settled into various jobs from private security to phone sex operating lol. And I have to admit, I am excited to have books peppered into the NBU (Navesink Bank Universe) that AREN’T action-packed. I think the balance is good. And if you guys agree, I will be much more likely to give us the series I have been hinting about for a while now about the ‘lighter side of Navesink Bank’ with Colton and his garage buddies. 

After Kingston and Savea steal our hearts (and maybe attend a Sunday Dinner. I MISS SUNDAY DINNERS WITH THE MALLICKS ALREADY!), we are back to the Professionals! With Ranger’s story. Which is going to have some action, but is going to be rather dark in tone, emotionally heavy. Which I am HERE FOR.

Then finally – freaking FINALLY – everyone’s favorite spy will get his chance to tell his story, will show us the storm that he has sworn has been coming. Yes, ROAN will be in our hands this early summer. 

As for the rest of the year, stay tuned. I don’t want to set a plan THAT far in advance except to say I have TWO MORE SECRET PROJECTS to bring to you this year. And they are flipping amazing. But I can’t tell you anything else about them. I can say that I would LIKE to work on Barrett’s book and maybe Gabe and Corey’s from the Dark series. I would also love to get back to Stars Landing and The Green, but can’t make any promises about those lesser popular series until I see how this year goes for other projects. But I have my fingers crossed! 


Okay let’s talk about books. Not mine, obviously. We did that already. But books I am dying to read that are coming out soon that maybe, just maybe, you guys might dig too.

Have you noticed that romance-type books have been going more mainstream in traditional publishing lately? Because I have. I mean just look at The Kiss Quotient. That book was everywhere. Then there was The Wedding Date, The Matchmaker’s List. The list goes on and on. And they aren’t even being shoved down the romance aisle at the bookstore like a dirty little secret anymore either. They are right there on the tables and stands, all proud. And I am HERE FOR IT. 

As such, I have noticed a lot more mainstream romance books getting a lot of early hype. These three are the ones I am dying for and have either already pre-ordered or am waiting to see if they come as an ARC in my book box (more on that later):

  • The Bride Test // Helen Hoang
  • The Unhoneymooners // Christina Lauren
  • Waiting for Tom Hanks // Kerry Winfrey

Also, for those who venture outside the genre with me… OMG. Did you guys see the book “Daisy Jones & The Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid?!?!?! Because holy shit. So many Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac vibes. I’m going to take a day off when it releases next month to read it, I swear. 

Now, back to that book box comment. Have you guys done book subscription boxes? I have. I’ve tried like… eight different ones. Some romance-specific, some not. And I have a closet full of books (some signed!) that I will never, ever read. I am somewhat picky, to be perfectly honest. So blindly getting books in the mail was fun, but ultimately disappointing. Until I finally gave BOTM a chance. You’ve seen the commercials for Book of the Month on Youtube or TV, I’m sure. Where women seem to awkwardly be talking about their periods, but it turns out they are talking about their books arriving (“I just got my… Book of the Month”). What I love about this book box is that it gives you five CHOICES each month, and you get to pick your book from that. For picky readers and those of us with control issues, it is the dream. I have only done three months so far, but I am loving it. And gifting it to anyone I know who will utilize it. If you want to check it out, you can look here:

Other than that, life is status quo. Writing, mostly. And then some time with the doggies and the birdie butts. Eating too much chocolate and not enough veggies, drinking coffee until it makes me nauseous. The usual lol. 

Annnnd… that’s about it. Seriously. Ideas. Topics. Drop them below or on FB.  I’m dying here lol


  • Reading: “The Silent Patient,” “Enzo.”
  • Watching: DHARMA AND GREG IS ON HULU!!!!!!!! AH!
  • Listening to: “Without Me” Halsey, “Hey Look, Ma, I Made It” Panic at the Disco
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