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A Day in the Life

“A Day in the Life”

7:30 AM.
Had you told me last year that I would suddenly be a person who wakes up at 7 in the morning, I would have laughed in your face. Up until I moved, I was a nocturnal animal. I was up till 4AM writing most nights and slept till around 10 in the morning – I won’t lie, sometimes later! But moving completely changed my schedule. So now I get up at this ungodly hour. I drag my half-asleep ass downstairs, grab a cup of coffee, and usually take the dog outside. Meaning, I have to go out WITH them. Even though the yard is completely fenced. My niece’s maltipoo (Jet) will not go do his business unless a human is out there with him. Even when it is 9 degrees out.

After this, I usually talk to my mom for half an hour before going upstairs and letting the birds out of their cages. Right about then, I start working. No, I have not showered. Or put on makeup. Or changed out of my pajamas. My work (and therefore all-day) attire is pajamas or oversized sweats. This now makes up 90% of a wardrobe that used to be full of dresses and heels.

I generally blow a good hour checking all social media, answering emails, messages, comments, etc. Then I finally get to the writing part of writing. This is usually hindered by Darcy who likes to hop onto my chest and block my view of the screen because she wants all my attention. She may also try to bite my screen or jump on my hands so I can’t type. She’s a real writing ally, lemmetellya.

I work until around two.

This makes me sound more productive than I am between coffee refills, social media distractions, birds trying to get attention, and various family members demanding some of my time. But I can usually get 2-3k words written by two which is when the birds go in their cages for a nap and I can finally leave the bird room and go into my own. Where I drink even more coffee. Maybe, possibly take a shower (let’s be real, this isn’t happening daily.) And work. I will find some time in here to cook something fast. Often heating up leftovers. More coffee. Writing.

At six, it is time for the birds to come back out again, so back into the bird room I go. There is more writing now, me telling myself the whole time that I am going to stay super focused and finish all 7k words (my daily work goal… somewhere between 15-20 pages).

I fail at this more than I succeed.

The birds go back in their cages at eight.

I go back to my room and finish the rest of my words by around 11-1am. Yes, I write ALL day. You can ask my eye doctor. My time spent in front of a screen has killed my eyes). I also have carpal tunnel and a hint of arthritis! #WriterWoes

Sometime before 2AM, I go back into the bird room to gather water dishes to wash them out, fill food dishes in their cages and play stands for the next day, then I take the three big birds (Niles, Darcy, Logan) out and snuggle them for half an hour before dragging my half-asleep ass to my own bed and passing out.

This makes me sound like a complete workaholic recluse. And, um, that wouldn’t be inaccurate. I guess I have always subscribed to Nora Roberts’ philosophy of having your ‘ass in the chair.’ The more you stick to your schedule, the more productive you will be. And if you are going to continually put out a book (or two) a month, you don’t have time for much else. But that is okay. Because I have always been a homebody. Before doing this as a job, I used to spend all my free time reading, not going out. It’s the same thing now, except NOW, when I say I am WRITING, people take it as a legit excuse never to attend social functions lol #It’sTooPeoplyOutThere

– Stay tuned for a blog post giving you more insight into my actual writing process.

List of Darcy offenses for the week:

1. Breaking a huge, heavy ceramic food dish.
2. Unhooking the toys from the little birds’ cages so they can’t play.
3. Eating twelve (and counting!) hair ties out of my head.
4. Singing over me when I was belting out a song. Heaven forbid anyone else is heard other than her!
5. Taking apart my hemostat (for the third time).
6. Getting in a mood and throwing each piece of food out of her cage one by one.
7. Stealing my nephew’s nerf darts.
8. Refusing to let Logan get any attention from me.
9. Screaming like she is dying until I come running to check on her, worried she broke a feather or something. Nope, just wants attention.
10. Learning how to unlock the clamps on her toys so she can drop them at will.


Currently Reading: “Lazarus” – I am doing edits. I haven’t had reading time for other books in a few weeks unfortunately.

Currently Watching: House MD. Amazon had ALL the seasons on sale for Christmas, so I got them on a song and have been re-watching here and there. LOVE me some Gregory House.

Currently Listening to: “Marry Me” Thomas Rhett, “Wake Me Up” Remy Ma ft. Lil Kim

Current Obsession: Things with marble patterns. I bought a planner with it (see pic on IG) and I just got a cover for my Paperwhite in marble as well. Indoor plants. I. Can’t. Stop. Buying. Them.

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