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The Curious Case of Chloe S.

The Curious Case of Chloe S.


Some of you have likely heard her name enough to start thinking in a very Jan Brady voice, “Chloe, Chloe, Chloe!”

And, to be fair, I talk about her a lot.

She admins our FB group, keeping up on it especially on days when I am in the weeds with work.

She helps me edit my books.

She redid my website for me.

The list goes on and on (and on and on!)

In short, she’s fucking awesome.

So who is this (not so) mysterious Chloe, you might be wondering. And how did she and such a weird, reclusive writer who has better relationships with her parrots than other human beings become buds?

Well, like it usually goes these days – she started as a fan! She read my books. She liked them. She joined group and added me. I think we talked sporadically here and there at first.

Then, for whatever reason, we seemed to hit a stride in conversation with The Handmaid’s Tale and Harlots. And, because it should, that conversation led from characters in the shows (and book) to the actual themes of feminism and dystopia and male-view and yada yada yada. Like, dudes, we talked a LOT about fictional stories.

Then, I was going through my house buying shitshow, and she was there to commiserate. And, even, help me confirm my math when the numbers all started swimming in my head lol.

As it goes, the more we talked, the better we got to know each other. And, I reiterate, she’s fucking awesome. She will listen to me whine (yes, I whine. I am a Grade A, World Class Champion whiner on my bad days. And I’m a writer; I have a LOT of bad days lol); she helped me overcome some creative blocks; she helped me build a brand for myself so I can move into the next phase of my career.

In fact, we talk so much that I now find myself using “us and we” instead of “I and me.” For example, “the girls in group are going to flip when we tell them about this new game we have planned.”

So, really, what I’m saying is, we’re married. (Shut up, Dan. You can have her for all the smexy times, but she’s mine all the other time, damnit. MINE.)

This is kinda my long, drawn out way of saying Chloe isn’t just a group member or a PA without the title (do you WANT the title?!) she’s a good friend. And she started out just like any other reader of mine, just liking my books, just reaching out.

So what I’m saying is – you can totally message me. We can talk about feminism and funny memes (but not books, because I have no time to read and I am pea-green with envy at all of you, damnit!). Who knows, maybe we can be friends.

Oh, and since it’s been a few paragraphs since I said it – Chloe. She’s fucking awesome.

That is all 😉

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